Essential Puppy Skills: simple puppy recall + handling

New puppy training is an essential step for any new puppy owner.  2 essential puppy skills to concentrate training straight away are simple puppy recall and how to get your puppy used to handling.


Today I've got 2 puppy training experts to teach you these essential puppy skills.  I'm really excited to introduce you to Ken and Kayal from the YouTube channel McCann dogs.  Not only have McCann dogs trained over 80,000 dogs but Kayl is also 21 times world champion in dog agility so what they don't know about new puppy training isn't worth knowing!

Simple puppy recall

Recall is one of the must have, essential skills puppies need to learn at a young age.  With a reliable recall you can avoid many potentially dangerous situations be that with traffic or interactions with other dogs and animals.

Simple puppy recall exercises can help cement this skill and ensure a recall command is followed no mater what the distractions going on around your dog are.

All to often in the vet clinic we have dogs come in who have run across the road after another animal or after being scared.  If your puppy learns the recall command at an early age and you work hard to make sure it is 100% reliable then your dog will be so much safer.

Get your puppy used to handling

Training to get your puppy used to handling is just as important.  It will ensure that if your dog is ever unwell or injured they will allow you to handle them however you need to.  Dogs that are used to handling are also much easier to treat for me as a vet.  A dog who is scared or painful is much harder to examine and treat.  They may also need sedation or anesthetic that could otherwise be avoided.

Learning how to get your puppy used to handling can play a huge role in keeping them healthy and skills like these learnt as puppies will stick with your dog for their whole life so long as they are practiced and reinforced from time to time.

Huge thanks to Ken and Kayl for so generously sharing their expertise and years of experience training puppies and dogs with us today.  Make sure you head over to the McCann dogs YouTube channel for a wealth of further training tips and techniques to help your new puppy or dog of any age fulfill their potential and live an active, stimulated, happy life.

If you are committed to teaching your puppy the basics and beyond but don't have suitable training classes near you then the McCann Dogs online course might be just for you.