5 Healthy, Low Fat Treats (your dog will love)

We want whats best for our dogs and we love giving them treats.  There are plenty of healthy dog treats out there so join me as I go through some low fat treats for dogs.


Giving treats is a natural desire for every dog owner but treats can make a massive difference in making our pets overweight, fat and obese.  Giving them healthy dog treats can make a massive difference.  It can mean that we are still able to give our dogs treats, even when they are on a weight loss diet.

Health low fat treats for dogs can definitely be tasty, after all treats should be things your dog enjoys eating.  You can also sometimes give really large amounts of these without needing to worry you are overfeeding you dog, even if they are overweight or fat.

Different dogs like different things and there are many alternatives but to give you some variety, the best treats to feed your dog include:
1- Commercial low fat treats (amazon link): - be careful though, a lot include garlic or have a high salt content
2 - fresh vegetables: carrots, broccoli, green beans...you name it your dog will probably love it - you might be surprised!
3 - popcorn: plain, air popped popcorn.  Avoid butter salt and other additives.  Buy the kernels to pop at home for a really cheap option.
4 - rice crackers: again plain is the way to go.
5 - their normal diet: if they enjoy their normal diet then keep a handful back to give throughout the day.

To find out exactly how much you can feed your pet and how many treats you can give your dog, download your copy of my weight and diet calculator

Of course, your pet doesn't have to be fat to feed them healthy low fat treats.  Giving them to your healthy weight dog will help keep them that way and prevent obesity ever being a concern.

If your pet is overweight too then healthy low fat treats will form an important part of your dogs weight loss programme described in this article.  Still not convinced?  Then learn all about the dangers of dog obesity here!

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