How Can You Trust an Internet Vet?

There is so much pet health information on the internet and so many people giving opinions but how can you trust an internet vet?


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Your pet is ill, you’re stressed and all you want to know is what the problem is and what you need to do about it. Alternatively you’ve just decided that now is the time for your family to get that new puppy you’ve been talking about for the last goodness knows how long.

I get it, google is but a pocket away and the amount of information it contains is mind-boggling. Whenever we have a question the internet is our first port of call for an answer in many cases.

It can be overwhelming when faced with a huge list of search results just where to find pet health advice for your dog and cat.  Even should you trust online vet advice and can a vet give advice over the internet?

As hard as it is there are a few key points to think about whenever we are researching healthcare for pets:

1 - Vets can't diagnose over the internet

2 -  Vets can’t give specific treatment or dose advice for individual pets over the internet

I would be very cautious if any of these are taking place.  There is no way a brief description in a forum, message board or email can form a vet-patient-client relationship that is needed for a diagnosis or treatment recommendations.  Also nothing can substitute a face to face discussion and a thorough clinical examination from your personal veterinarian.

3 - Check multiple websites to make sure that the information delivered is consistent across multiple sources.  Some more reliable sites include: (obviously!)

4 - Be wary of anyone peddling conspiracy theories or going against conventional thinking.  The evidence for their suggestions is often completely lacking, opposite to what they suggest, or not as clear cut as they would have you believe.

5 - Nothing replaces your personal veterinarian and it is so important you find a vet you can trust and are comfortable with.  We all look for different things in people so while the vast majority of vets provide and excellent service, no-one can get on with absolutely everybody.  Finding a vet you click with is vital.  As for how to find a vet you can trust, personal recommendations are a great start and also just visiting different clinics and getting a feel for the clinic can go a long way.  Take internet reviews with a pinch of salt.  Negative reviews are often very unfair.

It can be a minefield but if you consider all of the above points you will be well on the way to finding reliable information from an internet vet that you can trust.

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