How to Make Dog Ice Blocks (+ keep your dog cool this summer)

Learning how to make your own dog ice blocks is a great way to help keep your dog cool in the summer.  They make an excellent, healthy, hot weather dog treat that your dog will love as well as help keep your dog cool.  I've got 2 versions that are super simple to prepare so let's get started!


What you need

To make these treats we only need a couple of ingredients and utensils:

  • a handful of your dog's biscuits or some of their favorite treats (Let me know in the comments below what different additions your dog loves in their ice blocks)

  • low-fat stock cubes or plain homemade stock

  • a kong toy (check them out here on amazon)

  • a carrot or other long fruit or vegetable

  • a large container (like an ice cream tub)

learn how to make your own dog ice blocks to keep your dog cool this summer

The Mega ice block

My first dog ice block I call the mega block:

  • Step 1 - boil some chicken, beef or lamb bones or even just a few vegetables to make a flavoured stock. You can use stock cubes instead but if you do then make sure you use low salt versions which will be much better for your dog.

  • Step 2 - pour the stock into a large container, something like an old ice cream tub is ideal. Using something with a lid means you can store it more easily in your freezer. You can even make up several so you will never run out.

  • Step 3 - add some of your dogs favorite treats or a handful of biscuits. You can vary what you add to keep your dog guessing what they will find next time. This could be different types of food or even some toys. (let me know what works best for your dog!)

  • Step 4 - place the container in the freezer overnight and it will be ready for your dog to enjoy the next day or whenever the hot summer weather arrives! You may need to run it under some water to pop the mega ice block treat out of the container. Make sure you give it to your dog outside. As it melts it might make a bit of a mess otherwise.

Giving your dog these healthy frozen ice blocks is just one way to keep your dog cool in hot weather

Frozen ice pop for dogs

My next hot weather dog treat I call the dog lollipop:

  • Step 1 - make some stock just like before

  • Step 2 - take a handful of biscuits and add just enough stock to cover them + let them soak

  • Step 3 - take your dogs kong toy, tape the small end so no liquid will be able to escape and fill the kong with the soaked biscuits. Once full of biscuits, fill the kong with any remaining liquid.

  • step 4 - to add the stick of the lollipop, take a long piece of carrot (trimmed to fit into the big hole) and push it into the kong. You could change what you add here and could even use something super refreshing like a piece of watermellon.

  • step 5 - place in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, simply remove the tape and the frozen treat is ready for your dog to enjoy.

You can even combine the 2 ice block recipes by putting a filled kong in the ice cream container so your dog has to work through the mega block to get their lollipop!

Giving your dog these healthy ice blocks is just one way to keep your dog cool in hot weather (your can read 10 more tips for keeping your dog cool in summer here).  The mega block especially won't just help keep them cool, it will also keep your dog hydrated.  Both will provide some mental stimulation at the same time, something which is so important for the happiness of our furry companions.

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