Giveaway Celebration for "The Dr. Alex Answers Show"!

Today, I've got a very exciting announcement. And to celebrate, I'm also running a giveaway. So make sure you keep reading for details of how to enter!

If you've been reading my most recent posts you'll have seen videos of me talking into a microphone and details of my new podcast!

“The Dr. Alex Answers Show” is officially being launched today. It's a Q&A show and what I'm doing is taking your questions that are being sent in, and I'm answering five of those questions every week.


I'm going to release this as a full weekly podcast episode, and I'm also taking each question and posting it as an individual video to be released on YouTube as well as putting a transcript up here on So no matter how you prefer to receive any information, how you like to consume content, whether it is through audio podcasts, on youtube in video form, or whether you’d rather read the information in the blog, whatever it is I've got you covered!

To celebrate the launch I'm also running a giveaway! I've got some great prizes up for grabs.

DAA launch prizes.jpg
  1. Your choice between an awesome slow feeding bowl for your dog or a digit cat feeding toy. These are both great toys and great feeding strategies to use for your dog and cat to help stretch out meal times and provide some great mental stimulation.

  2. The James Herriot book “All Creatures Great and Small”. This is a must read for any animal lover with some fantastic characters and stories about life as a vet in the 1940’s. These books have been responsible for starting the career of many a vet!

  3. No giveaway is complete without some merch and to seal the deal I’m including an “Our Pet’s Health” mug and “Dr Alex Answers” sticker…you lucky people!!

Have a listen to the podcast (it’s on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher), make sure you subscribe if podcasts are your thing, and if you could take the time to leave it a review I’d be incredibly grateful. They help so much with other people discovering the podcast.

Make sure you enter the competition too!