Simple Pet Health Hack: Save Time and Money at the Vet

This one simple step could save you time, it could save you money, it could help your pet get a better diagnosis, it can help your vet make a faster diagnosis!

You definitely need to read on!


So just what is this tip? Well, it's not difficult and it's something that pretty much everyone has access to.

It’s simply to use your phone to record what your pet is doing.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and it's so true. Imagine then how valuable a video can be!

You can describe what's going on with your pets. As vets, we can ask questions to try and get to the bottom of your pets problems, but there's no substitute for actually seeing what's going on. And unfortunately in the consult room that often doesn't happen. It’s almost as if your dog or cat has made a conscious decision not to perform!

So if your dog is coughing or your cat's got a limp, very often they'll be stressed in the consultation that your vet and they weren't then perform. They won't cough on command, they won't vomit. It might even be that an hour earlier they were unable to use a leg at all but miraculously don’t even appear lame when they step into the vet clinic.

You can see then that actually recording them at home can really help your vet reach a diagnosis. It can also help monitor a condition that you already know your pet has. If you've got an arthritic dog or cat, actually taking a video of them walking around the house, on a walk or getting out of the car can really help us to assess how well the treatment is actually working.

Taking your phone out, recording the episode if they're having a seizure, if they're having a funny turn, whatever is going on can really help.Sure, it’s not going to help in every single case, but in a lot it has the potential to make a difference.

If you’re going to take the trouble to record your dog or cat then just a little thought can make your video even more valuable.

  • Hold your phone with both hands to reduce shake.

  • Get down to your pets level.

  • Get close, fill the screen with your pet (but also include something from slightly further away of possible).

  • Try and record in good light. turn on all the lights or have the sun behind you. Dark videos are grainy and hard to see well.

We've all got our phones in our pockets all the time, rightly or wrongly. In fact many of us may spend more time actually carrying them around in our hands. Recording that quick video takes no time at all. It takes no special equipment, it's something that's open to all of us. Like I said, this simple act can help your pet get better treatment if we already know they're suffering from a condition, and it can actually help your vets make a diagnosis or narrow down the potential diagnosis of problems that your pet could be suffering from.

This can reduce the number of tests that your vet may need to run. They can maybe skip a couple of steps that otherwise they would have had to take, that would have taken time to get the results or it would have cost money to run those tests. So not only can it result in better treatment or a better and a faster diagnosis, it can also save you money.

And that's what every pet owner wants surely!

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