My Dog is Sick + Painful But I Have No Money For the Vet - What Can I Do?

It’s always a concern when your dog is unwell. It is more of a worry when they seem to be very sick and you just don’t have money to take them to the vet. What should you do?

what can i do if i have no money for the vet?

Question number three is, my dog is really unwell, but I have no money for the vet. What should I do?

So this owner's dog's leg is shaking badly, he doesn't want to walk, he's panting, he's very tired and he's just not himself but they've got no money to go to the vet and they're asking, what should they do for their old dog?

Well, clearly there are many different conditions that can cause the problems that are described and I'm afraid it's just impossible to give a specific diagnosis or recommendation based on the information given, or online in general which is something I've discussed in an FAQ post all about can a vet diagnose online.

But while I understand that money is a problem, if it's at all possible, you should definitely have your dog checked out by your vet. It might be that a diagnosis can be made by examination alone or that even if a diagnosis can't be made, then a home management or treatment plan can be advised.

Even if you're not able to do any additional testing, that examination is so valuable. That discussion face-to-face with your vet is so valuable. They’ll be able to assess your dog's quality of life and what's best for them. And that's the other thing to think about with any old dog that's struggling. It's important to really closely consider their quality of life and think about what's best for them. And I've spoken before about management changes that can be made to help painful pets as well as discuss palliative care, and ultimately timing of euthanasia.

Now, while that's not something that you might want to think about or you might be ready to think about, or maybe the time's not right yet, they are important things to consider ahead of time so that you're more prepared to help your pet when the time comes.

if your dog is really unwell you really need to find the money to take them to the vet

There's nothing worse and I hear it time and again in my consult room when owners say, “Oh, you know, my last dog I held on too long. I wish I'd let them go sooner because they were really struggling and those last few days, weeks or even months, they weren't themselves, they weren't happy and I really regret putting them through that.” So those are some things to consider as well.

I run through more options about how to afford your pets vet care throughout there life in my article “How to afford vet bills and pet care (when you have no money)

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