Small Dog Vaccinations - What Dose Do They Really Need?

Does a small dog get the same dose of vaccine as a large dog? Does size matter and does this depend on what vaccine I’m giving my dog?

What dose of vaccine should I give to my small dog? Now the question is about a particular rabies vaccine, but the answer rings true for any vaccine that we give. So vaccine dose does not vary based on patient size, unlike most other drugs.

So it doesn't matter whether you've got a big dog, whether you've got a giant dog or whether you've got a tiny teacup breed, the vaccine dose remains the same. So whenever a vaccination is given, the whole vial should be administered as per the manufacturer's label descriptions.

Now you might, depending on where you're listening to this wonder why this is a question. Well, in other parts of the world and in different countries, some vaccines can be sold to the general public. So they don't have to be administered by a vet.

Clearly, vaccination is an important part of any disease prevention and health optimization strategy. At the same time though, a full clinical examination to make sure health conditions are picked up early, as well as ensuring a dog or a cat is healthy enough for vaccination is just as important. And so clearly I’d then recommend that having your pet vaccinated by a vet is the best thing that we can do

This will also mean that the vaccine has been transported, stored, and handled appropriately so that you can be sure that it will still work. So vaccines are very sensitive and if they are warmed up or if they are handled improperly, they can become completely ineffective. So it's definitely something to think about from that point of view as well.

The above is a transcript taken from “The Dr Alex Answers Show”.

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