How to Stop Dog Kisses in 7 Simple Steps!

Is your dog is licking you all the time, giving you kisses on the face, or licking your hand non-stop?

Not only can it get really annoying, licking can also be unhygienic and result in serious illness. Follow my 7 step plan to stop your dog and break the habit today!

stop your dog licking you

How can I train my dog not to lick people’s feet?

And then I'm finishing up today with a question from Kate who asks, how can I train my dog not to lick people's feet?

How to Stop Dog Kisses

  1. Be consistent

  2. Ignore your dog

  3. Walk away

  4. Distract your dog

  5. Exercise

  6. Bitter apply spray

  7. Seek professional help

Why stop your dog licking people?

So dogs who are licking people, if your dog is licking you, it's really not an uncommon situation and it's not an uncommon problem. There's a number of different reasons that we might want to stop this behavior.

It might be annoying to have your dog pester you constantly in this way. It's also potentially really unhygienic depending on where they are licking you. For example, if your dog is being fed a raw diet, then there could be some serious risks if they are licking your face.

As with any behavior though, there are steps we can take to stop your dog licking you or giving you kisses.

The Training Plan

Be consistent

So we can definitely stop your dog from licking you, and I'll start off by saying that consistency is key. Whenever we're doing any form of training, any behavioral management, then it's important that not only are you consistent with your dog, but that everyone in the house is consistent and everyone that your dog comes across is consistent.

So if your dog is licking you and you manage to take some steps to prevent that but your partner or your children are letting your dog lick them quite happily, then really you're giving your dog mixed messages and setting it up for failure. Your dog's just going to be confused and it's not going to do what you want, which is going to be frustrating for you.

Consistency is key. Everyone needs to do the same thing.

Ignore your dog

The first step to take, or the first thing to try would be just to ignore your dog. So this way, if you completely ignore your dog, if your dog is licking your feet in this case, but if they're licking your hand, if they're licking your face, if you just completely ignore them, cross your arms, don't look at them, don't talk to them, then the dog will learn that the behavior doesn't result in attention.

And then conversely, if your dog stops and sits down or your dog is doing something else, then you want to reward the good behavior that your dog is showing.

So ignore your dog completely while they're licking you. The moment they stop and do something else, maybe that’s sitting down and be that lie down next to you, then you jump in and you reward them and give them your attention. Give them treats, show them affection, play a game of tug. Anything so that you are rewarding the good behavior and ignoring the behavior that you don't want to happen.

Walk away

If that's not working then want to just not allow it. So the moment that your dog starts licking you, you get up, you walk away, you go into another room and again, in a similar way your dog will learn that the fun and the interactions stops as soon as it does that behavior.

So much the same way with puppy biting, we say ‘ow’, we withdraw our hands, we maybe take ourselves out of the room, the puppy learns that if they bite, then the fun stops and the same thing here. If the dog licks the fun stops and that will soon teach them that's not something that they want to be doing and it's not in their interest.

Distract your dog

We also want to potentially be distracting your dog so give it something to do. So a lot of our dogs can be quite bored and this might be just a sign, an expression of their boredom. They're trying to pester you because they're wanting some attention, they’re wanting something to do so give your dog something to do.

So that could also be something else to lick like a licki pad (amazon links), it could be a Kong and there are various slow feeder treat bowls, snuffle mats and lots of different things we can use to keep our dogs interested, to give them some mental stimulation and to keep them active.


Also, we want to make sure that we're exercising them, that we're giving other forms of stimulation, we're taking them out for runs, we're throwing a ball for them and that kind of thing just so that they have an outlet for their energy so they've not just got lots of pent up frustrated energy and that's causing them to pester you as well.

Bitter Apple Spray

And then if despite ignoring them, despite getting up and leaving the room, despite giving your dog other things to do and you're still really struggling, then something else to think about would be using something like a bitter apple spray in this case on your feet.

So that's something that you just would pop there, it's something that tastes disgusting, your dog will lick and they won't like it. It’s not harmful or anything, but it's just something that they don't find appealing.

Be warned though, if all you're doing is using something like this, then the licking is just going to move elsewhere. So they'll start looking somewhere else or another problem behavior is going to develop. So if we're using something like a bitter apple spray, we need to be taking other behavioral modification steps that I've already discussed to stop that problem behavior.

Professional help

If you're still struggling, then you want to be getting in touch with a dog trainer, with a behaviorist to try and set up some specific interventions and specific strategies for your dog that would need to be very much individualized to make a treatment plan. But by and large, those few strategies should do the job for most dogs and stop them licking you.

The above is a transcript taken from “The Dr Alex Answers Show”.

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