What's Up Doc? Rabbit teeth and the importance of diet - Call the Vet #32

Dental disease in rabbits is one of the most common problems they develop. It is also a big reason that a rabbit may need to be euthanized while they are still relatively young.

Understanding why tooth problems develop and how to prevent then can ensure your rabbit lives a long and happy life!

call the vet podcast episode 32 - rabbit dental disease and the best diet

Is it normal for my bunnies teeth to be brown? - Aryanna

For choking rodents, that is, rabbits, Guinea pigs, rats, and mice, what can I do? - Maria

  • When young then rabbit’s teeth normally very white. The teeth can though discolor as they age but extreme discoloration may well be a sign of an underlying problem

  • Dental disease is a very common problem in rabbits. It is most often diet related. The biggest dietary problems are not enough roughage and low calcium

  • Rabbits teeth grow constantly - they need to be chewing all the time to wear down their teeth normally

    • If rabbit’s teeth become overgrown then they deform and develop sharp spurs that cut into their cheek + tongue

    • Low calcium causes poor calcification of teeth + skull. Thee teeth then shift and wear unevenly

when rabbit’s teeth become overgrown they for sharp point which cut into their cheek or tongue
  • Rabbit diet pyramid

    • Unlimited grass +/or hay (Timothy, Orchard Grass, Oat Hay - not alfalfa) - 80%

    • Fresh greens - a daily variety of dandelion, nettle, chickweed, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage - 12%

    • Limited high-quality pellets - not museli mix - 6%

    • Occasional treats 1-2 times/week - fruit - 2%

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