Should You Feed Your Dog a Prescription Diet? - Call the Vet #33

Are prescription diets really the best option for your dog or cat if they are unwell? Is raw feeding or switching to a home-cooked diet as good (or even better)? And are vets are paid to sell diets by the big food companies?

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call the vet episode 33 about prescrition diets for dogs and cats

My 9 yr old Lab just got diagnosed with DCM - and now is on Royal Canin Early Cardiac Formula...I hate that he has to be on over processed kibble especially after doing so well on Dehydrated Raw (no more bloody mucus-y poop)...1)  is raw diet really bad for his DCM issues or is it that because vets are usually sponsored by BIG KIBBLE COMPANIES and have to prescribe them? and 2) I wanted to know if i can make a homemade cooked diet that is balanced with all the nutrients and amino acids like taurine that can be equally as effective in controlling his DCM? - Susan

  • I don’t know where myth comes from that vets are sponsored by pet food companies.

    • They do sponsor events but I have never received any money from a food company to sell any of their products + I am not aware of any other vet who has.

    • Vets do make money from selling products, in the same way as any retail shop, and in fact, diet mark-up is typically very low.

  • I prescribe “prescription” diets because I believe them to be the best nutritional option for a pet suffering from a particular condition. There is generally good evidence supporting the use of these diets (e.g. kidney diets, skin diets, weight loss diets, urinary diets, and joint support diets)

    • I do not have to prescribe them if I don’t feel they are appropriate although I recognize that some clinics/corporations may have sales targets

prescription diets are generally the best nutritional options for dogs and cats with specific diseases
  • Raw vs kibble is a huge topic

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    • There are risks and potential benefits with whatever you feed. I personally do not feel that raw feeding provides any proven health benefits and there are some infection risks which are important to consider, especially if you have young, elderly or immunocompromised people in the household

    • Equally, commercial diets do pose some risk if manufactoring error - seen in vitamin D levels being toxic in recent recalls, or formulation issue - grain-free + heart failure warning

  • As for home cooked diet recipes, these should be formulated by a registered nutritional specialist. They will be able to formulate a diet that is balanced as well as meets the needs of your pet based on their history, body condition and diseases they are suffering from

    • Making a balanced diet is hard, making one that could help to control a disease process is even harder and it is easy to do more harm than good

making a balanced home-cooked dog diet is really challenging, especially if your pet has specific nutritional requirements

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