How to Groom a Matted Cat (and get them to the groomer stress-free!) - Call the Vet #35

Grooming a long-haired cat can be a full-time job. If they don't like it then it can also be a nightmare where you end up being covered in scratches and blood!

Find out why it’s important to get to the bottom of why your cat needs grooming in the first place, and then learn some tricks to reduce their stress and make grooming that much easier.

how to groom your cat and reduce their stress at the groomer - call the vet podcast episode 35

My cat is long-haired and I have noticed sometimes poop gets stuck in her fur. She is very sassy with people that she doesn’t know and I’m sure she won’t tolerate getting a haircut from a groomer. Do you have any advice on this? Thank you!! - Christina

  • Why is she getting poop stuck

    • Is there an intestinal problem resulting in soft stools or diarrhea? Does she just have very long hair that needs to be kept trimmed? Or is she having problems grooming, and is only getting matted or mucky now she has reached older age

  • If she is not in pain and just needs grooming you may be surprised at how well your cat accepts going to the groomer

  • Try grooming your cat at home

    • If just shortening hair around back-end then do it yourself with some wireless clippers, Be very careful with scissors as it is easy to cut their skin

    • Distract with treats

  • How to reduce the stress of vet + groomer visits

    • 1 - Pick an appropriate carrier

    • 2 - Feed your cat in their carrier

    • 3 - Use Feliway pheromone spray

    • 4 - Get them used to car journeys

    • 5 - Be on time

    • 6 - Stay away from dogs

    • 7 - Consider medication

  • Once your cat has been professionally groomed it is important to then keep up with regular grooming. Long-haired cats will often need daily brushing to prevent matting.

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