my Vision

The best care for every pet, with every condition, every time

portrait of me +/- both cats 

After over 10 years practicing as a veterinary surgeon, I get to make a difference to my patients lives every day.

At my mission is to improve the health and happiness of our global cat and dog population, enriching the lives of both our pets and you, their owners.  I believe this can be done by empowering you through the provision of high quality, in-depth resources.  I want to educate you about preventative healthcare as well as the nature of your cat or dogs illness, whatever it may be and however serious.  Crucial information detailing the what, why, when and how.  I believe that this will allow you to better decide on the course of action you want for your pet and so be better able to work with your veterinarian to formulate the most optimised treatment plan possible.

I firmly believe that with the acquisition of reliable, in-depth knowledge and proper understanding through education, we can ensure that our pets live a life to their full potential. I also want to provide this information in whatever way you prefer it: written, video and audio!

"Cats and dogs are just animals" some may say.  We know better.  They are our companions in times of loneliness, our comforters in times of distress, our sounding board when we have ideas, our motivators when we exercise, our partners-in-crime when we are in the mood for mischief, they are our helpers at work and our extension when abilities fail us, they are even our healers in time of sickness.  They are family.

The human - animal bond is so strong and they give us so much.  Isn't it a small thing to ask to give them something in return?

I am excited to have been given the opportunity to improve our pets health and happiness and I hope that as a community we can really make a difference. 



Dr Alex Avery BVSc MRCVS

Veterinarian + founder,